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"How have you been? Look at you! How could you cross the street without looking at the streetlights?" Kitty smiled and lectured Karen for her carelessness. Honestly, Kitty disliked Karen during the school days because Karen always made fun of her behind her back.


"I only showed up because the Mr. Huang Zhi Hei is the host and we have an upcoming project with his company. I didn't interact with Karen, but I'm sure she saw me when she got exposed by a famous professor in the field for plagiarizing Susu's design." He clarified the main reason why he attended the event, and Shen Wen squinted her eyes at him to make sure he wasn't lying.


Susu clapped her hands and laughed joyfully. Hearing her laughing, Zin Leung thought he had guessed correctly and in the next second, Susu said, "Yeah, darling. You know what to do." He nodded and made a phone call, "Send all the legal documents related to Yin Corporations breach of contract along with evidence of their yearly under the table revenue to the lawyers. We're suing them for all losses and will leave it up to debt collectors to charge them interest."


Chen Nan couldn't give a detailed explanation because he wasn't present during the operation. All he knew was that Ariana didn't speak about it to anyone afterwards and could only say that it was a promise with Zi Yan. After that, Zi Yan recovered from the drug as well.


"Killing them is too easy. Making them lose their precious and most prioritized things makes it more exciting. We don't kill, but we never said that we didn't play psychological games." He smiled as he finished his cup of tea.


"Well.. we were watching a horror movie and... it was dark. She got scared and jumped onto me. Then she kissed me and I kissed her back..." He felt kind of embarrassed telling her how they kissed that night, but couldn't reject Lily after hearing her excitement.

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The pills that Lin Que prescribed to her were his most updated formulas and he made sure to track her reactions to the pills to make proper adjustments.


"Huh?" Chen Mu and Chen Nan looked at the girls with such confused faces. They didn't see anything wrong with the chess match.


The moment he heard that he would be banished to the cold palace away from his mistress' chamber, he swore he would get that thought out of her mind. When she didn't give in to his whining, he shamelessly made faces until she opened her eyes to look at him again.


Chen Mu went speechless towards these two guys. After a moment of silence, Zhi Hei was about to hand the phone back to Chen Mu when he remembered what Li Teng had said in the dungeon.


"B..brother Yuo, are you tired of me now? Is that why? Are you blaming me for leaving you? Did you think everything was my fault?" She threw question after question, trying to drown him in guilt. Oddly, the guilt that he once had for her had dissipated. He didn't realize it and continued saying what he wanted to say.


Now, the rose was folded and curved into a rosebud with the tip opened to reveal the mini holes that she had pecked earlier with a pen. She smiled and said to the microphone once again, "Dear, will you turn on the special light again? The projector can remain on, but I will adjust the angle of it so that it wouldn't blind anyone's eye."


Professor Luo Xia grinned as Zi Yan sanitized blades of various sizes. "Tian Guo Min will receive our first gift soon. Heh. Even though this is nothing compared to what he's done to our family, it still gives me a second of satisfaction that Karma is coming to bite his ass soon."



Now, they were kneeling in front of him; trying to plead for permission to seek death. After a while, his lips parted, and voice rung the ears of those in the room. "Get up. Do you two remember what you've promised me on your wedding day? I'm not dying nor dead yet. I don't need you two to kneel to me."



Since Zhi Hei didn't listen to Shen Qi's full sentence, he thought something bad may have happened to Shi Xue. When he reached her room, he was panting out breath and shaking Chen Mu's shoulder, "h..h.how is she? Wha..what's wrong?"


"A few hours." Chen Mu took deep breaths with his arms on his hips. He looked like he had aged ten years after staying an hour in the lab. After taking a quick look at Susu, Chen Mu decided to go back to the lab so he wouldn't end up murdering somebody and staining the walls of the hospital room. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Finally, under immense pressure, she gave in and her knees weakened, "No!!! It was me. I got the money...from the family. I needed it to achieve my dreams. I was the one who took the large sum of money and wired it to a foreign account and paid someone to hide the transaction so that nobody would be able to track it.

  • "Huh?" She looked down and realized that she was only wearing undergarments and a tank top. Her cheeks flushed, and she threw a nearby pillow to Chen Mu's direction. "Y..you pervert!!!"
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